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Felicia genuinely cares about her clients and wants every one of them to level up. She’s the only person who works one-on-one with clients who I would trust to run my ads for me. She is always on the lookout for ways to improve, is open to new techniques, and creates and tests new techniques of her own. She’s not stuck in her ways, which allows her to grow in an ever changing market. She listens. She’s open-minded. She’s one of the best in the field, but she also understands that one person can never know everything. This quality is key to becoming the best, and staying the best.
She understands that testing is important to understand which ads work, and which ads don’t.
She is both detail oriented AND able to see the big picture. Many people are either one or the other. But as someone who’s able to look at data both ways, she has a fantastic understanding of what works. Her attention to detail is truly remarkable.
She studies the market, and studies the newest techniques.
She’s an expert at analyzing and understanding data. She digs deep into every piece of data to piece the puzzle together.
Felicia is a reader, so she specifically understands how to advertise to readers.
Michelle Madow

USA Today Bestselling Author

I’ve been working with Felicia for nearly a year now. The amount of information I’ve learned has been vast. I already had a solid foundation when I started working with her, but she took my knowledge to the next level. I’m now looking at my data with an entirely new perspective, one that has been helping me improve my bottom line every day. If you want to take your business to the next level by learning the deeper aspects of ads and marketing with Amazon, she’s the go-to.
John P. Logsdon

Author of the Paranormal Police Department series

Felicia has been a sounding board for a long time. She has a way of getting to the heart of things, which is so important with advertising. We need to know WHY things work…or don’t. She’s changed the way we think about relevancy and targeting and has helped us find better ways to advertise. As someone who doesn’t write very quickly, my ads have to work. If you’re ready to dig in and learn, this is what you need. It’s time to Level Up!
Stephanie Foxe

Author of the Witch's Bite & Cursed World series

I was at a total loss back in September. My ads for my backlist were dying and I had no clue what to do with my new release. Also, the day job was killing me, so I either had to write my next book, or spend time doing the marketing and analysis side of the business. I couldn’t do both.
Enter Felicia, and boy, did things change. I cannot recommend her enough. Felicia will work on the best solutions for your marketing needs and book launches, she’ll keep an open channel with you at all times, and she will make your book soar.
Don’t think twice before hiring her. I know I didn’t.
CS Wilde

Author of the Hollowcliff Detectives series

If you wanna learn ads from a lady badass enough for me to hire her…
May Sage

USA Today Bestselling Romance Author

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How to launch a book series!

How to launch a book series!  Launching a book series can be both exciting and full of possibilities as well as terrifying and disastrous.Is there a surefire way to launch and be successful? I wish. But I’ve found a strategy that has worked for me rather consistently,...

How to launch a book series!

Launching a book series can be both exciting and full of possibilities as well as terrifying and disastrous.

Is there a surefire way to launch and be successful?

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