Outside of “writing the next book” what do you consider to be the absolute most important part of marketing? 


I believe the most important part of marketing is building relationships with your readers. Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing there is. And it’s “free”.

Writing the next book is important because you need to feed your readers, too. And the adage that it’s easier to sell to a current customer (aka reader) than bring in a new one is very true.

This is why writing the right book is often more important than writing more books.

The right book resonates with a reader. It gives them a taste of something they want more of but can’t find easily. Or even better nowhere but you.

That’s the first step in cultivating a rabid readership. After that, it’s about making the connections with those readers. Email lists work. I’m a big fan of Facebook groups and social media that provides frequent engagement.

When readers love your stories but also like you, you stand out from the crowd. Turn your readers into fanatics and the pressure of marketing lessens.