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What is the point of using negative keywords? Wouldn’t reduce the chances of finding targets that convert?


The reason negative keywords are so powerful is the same reason a lot of other tools that people ignore are so powerful.


If you control where you are shown (and where you aren’t), you become able to super target your ads and make them much more effective. 

Less impressions are needed to get clicks. Less clicks are needed to get sales.

Which means you can bid higher, but don’t need to bid overly high because you don’t need to win as many bid auctions to make the same amount of money.

Impressions are a pointless measure. I only consider them when clicks and spend are down on an ad. Then I figure out if the issue is the ad isn’t showing anymore or if the ad is showing and not converting. 

Lots of impressions is not better than less unless less impressions = more clicks.

Negative keyword books by authors who write in multiple genres when the genre isn’t the same as yours.