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How does the Amazon algorithm work with Amazon ads? Is there a point in targeting specifically? Is it detrimental to target widely looking for cheap clicks and sales?


I hyper focus, both during preorder period with Amazon only, and continue to do so to optimize Amazon’s algorithms to push the book for me. 

In the past two months, I’ve done this two and a half times (third book is on preorder set to release early June.)

In April, we pushed the book at full price to #56 in the Amazon store (from a 2-month preorder) and an ad spend of around $775 (preorder spend was $300 and the 3-day ad spend to get to #56 was $475)

Maintained high rank and made $34,840 in the first 30 days with an ad spend of $2,546. 

In May, we pushed a book to #102 in the store with an ad spend of $535 (preorder ads were $350 and the 3 days it took to hit #102 was $185). Had about 1,300 preorders before launch.

It’s been out 25 days, has made $17,677 with an ad spend of $1,415.

The book releasing in a few days has 1,600 preorders with a total preorder ad spend of $800 (book is full price so accounting for not all preorders going through, the book has still “made” around $2,200 in profit (3k total) on preorder. 


Super focused targeting of high traffic targets. 

Amazon knows exactly the kind of customer who wants these three books (different authors for the first two.) 

I just had to train Amazon who they were.