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I’m struggling to make money running ads. I see all these people spending $100 and making $10,000 and I’m lucking to make $10 from $5.

Should I stop? What am I doing wrong?


A lot of people struggle to get ads to work. It’s not something everyone is natural at doing. And even for those where it is, it’s still hard.

One common thing I see though among those who are struggling and either want to give up or have is unrealistic expectations.

A $5 ad a day on FB is unlikely to result in $50 increase in sales on one book.

It could on a series, but that won’t be a same day effect.

Conversion rates are usually going to be lower than you may expect.

Especially to start, and especially if you haven’t found the right audience and optimized your product/landing page.

AMS specifically – realize that to get impressions you have to bid higher on more competitive keywords. The more competitive keywords are the ones getting traffic.

You can get impressions on keywords that are a lot cheaper, but they tend not to have the same traffic as something more competitive.

It’s a balance.

There are many factors that go into ad success, including genre, number of books, book presentation and quality, and amount available to invest–and other things, too, of course.

If you’re spending $5 and making $10, that is good. It can be frustrating but think of the big picture; In a year, $5 a day is $1,825 spent to make $3,650.