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How to launch a book series!

Launching a book series can be both exciting and full of possibilities as well as terrifying and disastrous.

Is there a surefire way to launch and be successful?

Realistic Expectations

I’m struggling to make money running ads. I see all these people spending $100 and making $10,000 and I’m lucking to make $10 from $5.

Should I stop? What am I doing wrong?

Which strategy is best to test new keywords and bids?

Should I create an ad using the new keywords and a higher bid and once I determine which ones work, test different bids to see which works best, or should I create 4 ads with different bids directly from the get-go? I wouldn’t do the second one. You’re not necessarily...

Amazon’s budget suggestions…

Do you follow Amazon’s budget suggestions when you have an ad that is using all of it’s budget? I do.Amazon's suggest budget increase is based on how much they think the ad will spend by the end of the day based on what has been already spent and how fast it spent. I...